Gyrn Castle


Comprising nearly 2000 acres of land, The Gyrn Castle Estate offers both excellent driven shooting for parties of up to six guns and walked up days for those who prefer to be more active.

The Estate is investing heavily in stocking the grounds with young birds, putting down plenty of Pheasant over the last couple of years to establish natural breeding on the Estate.

That policy is now paying off, with an average bag of 150-200 Pheasants per day.

_MG_2898 Pheasant _MG_2891

With driven shooting there are typically five drives over the course of the day, with a break midway through for lunch which can be arranged at Gyrn Castle itself or at the Red Lion Inn nearby in Llanasa which serves excellent food and refreshments.

There are 14 let days available per season, and these are available from late October. Please call us on 01824 790 304 if you would like to make a booking or require more information. Alternatively email us here and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.